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PCProtect offers many forms of protection for your devices. The best advice that we can give you to stay protected online is to utilize all of the services that we provide, creating multiple layers of protection for your devices.

Within this article, we will go through the following:

  • What is Layered Protection?
  • Why is Layered Protection Important?
  • How can I set up Layered Protection with PCProtect's features?
  • What is Layered Protection?

    Layered Protection is the use of multiple preventative tools, features, and threat defenses on top of each other. PCProtect offers many features and tools to help build up a layered defense to keep your device protected.

    Why is Layered Protection important?

    Having multiple layers of defense whilst using your device and the internet will minimize the chance of cyber-criminals, viruses, and other online threats from harming your computer. If one slips through the cracks, the other will catch it.

    How can I set up Layered Protection with PCProtect's features?

    PCProtect offers a great collection of tools and features to provide you with the best-layered protection. Below you can find information on how the features work, and how to set them up.

  • PCProtect WebShield - Your first line of defense, blocking access to websites that could cause harm.
  • Real Time Protection - Runs in the background of your computer, scanning file's that you have downloaded, used, or opened. Protecting you from virus-like behavior.
  • Scheduled Antivirus Scans - Run periodic scans to check and quarantine viruses on your device.
  • Safe Browsing VPN - Encrypting your network activity and preventing anyone from intercepting your internet usage.
  • Password Vault - Providing a safe location to create and store passwords for website logins.
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